Mifare 1K Printed RFID Card 13.56MHz

SKU - PC0002

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Free test samples for significant orders, delivery time to Europe is 1-2 working days. Special prices available for larger orders. Contact us for more details.

Total 48 EUR (VAT not included)

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Introducing the Mifare 1K Printed RFID Card

– a solution that prioritizes security and efficiency, operating at 13.56MHz frequency. Enjoy the added bonus of a personalized design for a unique brand identity.

Key Features:

  • Custom Design: Boost your brand with a personalized visual identity.
  • Mifare 1K RFID Technology: Ensures both security and quick access, operating at 13.56MHz.


  • Access Control: Effortlessly manage secure access and staff identification.
  • Hospitality: Provide secure access and personalized services for guests.
  • Hotels: Utilize secure key cards.
  • Events: Streamline participant management and enhance event security.
  • Cashless Payments: Simplify financial transactions with secure, swift cashless payments.
  • Retail Loyalty: Engage customers with efficient and secure loyalty programs.

In our RFID card production, we don't just print; we build from scratch. We use PVC plastic sheets, embed chips, and add a durable laminate layer. This layered assembly is melted, cooled, and precision-cut into the final card shape. This process ensures your design, print, and chip are well-protected, resulting in durable RFID cards.

Concerning the chip types, while Mifare Classic 1K is widely recognized, it's essential to note the prevalence of Fudan FM11RF08 chip cards and similar analogs from various RFID chip manufacturers. The immense popularity of NXP's Mifare Classic 1K chip led to an increased production volume, exhausting unique combinations for the 4-byte UID. Consequently, the chip evolved to feature 7 UID bytes, prompting other manufacturers to produce analogs with similar technical specifications. NXP now manufactures the Mifare EV1 chips, distinct from the compatible analogs flooding the market. These newer chips are not interchangeable with their predecessors.

We're here to guide you, identify your chips, and provide custom-printed RFID cards tailored to your needs. Fast turnaround guaranteed! Your custom card orders are processed in just 1-4 working days after design and payment confirmation. Plus, enjoy a complimentary design for your first order if you don't have one.

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13.56 MHz
Fudan (Mifare Compatible)
4 b
1K (1024 b)
Crypto 1
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