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One of the options for RFID carrier tags are contactless wristbands. Such bracelets can be proximity and for longer use.

RFID proximity wristbands are used when access to people is open as long as the bracelet is on the arm, it does not have to be removed. As a rule, this access period is not very long. In our experience, such wristbands are used in hospitals, hotels and public events.

Wristbands for long-term use have a wider applicability. In areas such as fitness and sports clubs, water amusement parks, swimming pools, spas and even offices.

Such wristbands operate, depending on the chip, in three frequency ranges:

- Low Frequency (LF) - 125 kHz, these are Em-Marine, TK4100, T5577 chips and others.

- High Frequency (HF) - 13,56 MHz, like Mifare, Fudan chips and others.

- Ultra High Frequency (UHF) - 860 MHz – 960 MHz. These are NXP Ucode - 9, Alien, Impinj Monza chips and more.

This type of bracelets allow information to be read at considerably long distances.

In contactless wristbands, as in key fob tags, the antenna that powers the chip is very small. For this reason, for the stable operation of the chip, you must carefully choose the place where the reader is mounted. It is important that the materials on which the reader will be mounted do not shield it.

Sizes of bracelets

Depending on the shape of the RFID bracelet, its dimensions may be specific. There are bracelets with a one-piece strap.

These bracelets are very durable. They don't have a weak point, like the clasp. Whole RFID wristbands have different sizes - the diameter of the wristband.

For most people, a contactless bracelet with a diameter of 65 mm would be the right size. It is suitable for most men and women. 74 mm - for a larger man's hand. 54 mm diameter is suitable for teenagers, and 45 mm for small children.

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