EM4100 Printed RFID Card 125kHz

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Introducing the EM4100 Printed RFID Card 125kHz

– your simple solution used for two main purposes: as identification cards in loyalty systems and for access control systems.

Key Features:

  • Custom Design: Boost your brand with tailored visual identities.
  • EM4100 RFID Technology: Ensure access at a frequency of 125kHz.


  • Access Control: Manage entry control and streamline staff identification.
  • Corporate Security: Workplace RFID access.
  • Events and Conferences: Simplify participant management.
  • Educational Institutions: Student access.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Control access to sensitive areas.
  • Commercial Facilities: Ideal for retail and commercial spaces requiring access control solutions and for fidelity systems.

EM4100 RFID cards have revolutionized loyalty systems, replacing outdated magnetic stripe cards. Unlike magnetic stripes that degrade over time, EM4100/TK4100 cards offer unparalleled durability and attractiveness, thanks to their contactless data transmission method. They excel in fitness clubs, restaurants, cafes and entertainment establishments.

Interestingly, magnetic card readers and contactless card readers cost about the same today.

In access control systems, TK4100 contactless cards have a rich history of dominance, proving excellent as personal identification cards.

Production and Printing Technology of RFID Cards:

Various printing methods exist for plastic cards, all tied to the necessity of printing on the card's surface. This presents technological challenges, including complexity, slow printing speeds, and inadequate adhesion between the card surface and the printing layer.

Our production method sets us apart. At MSCARDS, we don't just print; we manufacture cards from scratch using advanced technology akin to bank card production. With a deep understanding of RFID chips, including the ability to produce some ourselves, we ensure the highest quality.

New: Custom Envelope Card Holders for Impressive Presentations!

Production Speed:

Your custom card orders are processed within 1-4 working days after design and payment confirmation, ensuring a swift turnaround. For your first order without a design, enjoy a complimentary design service. 


We're here to assist! Feel free to ask any questions or seek expert advice in identifying and optimizing your RFID cards.

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125 kHz
TK4100 (Em-Marine Compatible)
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