Printed Plastic Cards

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  • Order 50 pcs. at 0.92 EUR

  • Order 100 pcs. at 0.7 EUR each and save 23.91%

  • Order 300 pcs. at 0.56 EUR each and save 39.13%

  • Order 500 pcs. at 0.46 EUR each and save 50.00%

  • Order 1000 pcs. at 0.34 EUR each and save 63.04%

Free test samples for significant orders, delivery time to Europe is 1-2 working days. Special prices available for larger orders. Contact us for more details.

Total 46 EUR (VAT not included)

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Elevate Your Brand with Custom PVC Cards 

Our custom PVC cards with full-color printing and a wide range of customization options are the perfect choice for businesses across Europe. Whether you need magnetic stripes, QR codes, barcodes, personal details, and more, we've got you covered.

New: Custom Envelope Card Holders for Impressive Presentations!

Special Offer: Custom Graphic Design

One single graphic file, front and back, created specifically for your needs. The offer is valid for a single order.

Printing and Colors

Our cards are printed in brilliant 4+4 full-color, ensuring vibrant, high-quality results. We offer a unique metallic surface option that enhances color intensity. Although this premium material incurs a 20% aitional cost, the striking, metallic effect is worth it.

Uncompromising Quality of Custom PVC Cards

We craft our plastic cards using state-of-the-art technology, just like bank cards. From printing your designs on PVC sheets to creating multi-layer "sandwiches" with laminated foil, our production process guarantees the highest quality. Your design image is securely protected within the card's structure.

Additional Options

  • Plastic Cards with Personalization

For easy card identification, we can print sequential or variable card numbers, allowing you to distinguish each card uniquely.

  • Plastic Cards with Barcodes

 Ideal for discount systems, each barcode corresponds to a unique number. Quickly scan and integrate data into your database with barcode scanners.

  • Magnetic Stripe Cards

Choose from high coercivity (HiCo) or low coercivity (LoCo) magnetic stripes. HiCo stripes can even come in silver or gold for a premium touch. If you lack a magnetic stripe reader, we offer programming services to get your cards ready for use.

We also produce Custom RFID Cards with chips, which can be found in our dedicated RFID card section.

Applications of Custom PVC Cards

Our custom PVC cards are perfectly suited for various applications, including loyalty cards, membership cards, gift cards, fuel cards, event access cards, NFC Business Cards and more. They are the ideal choice for enhancing brand identity and customer engagement.

Free Graphic Design Assistance for Custom PVC Cards

If you need help with card design, don't worry. Our team offers free graphic design support to ensure your cards look impeccable and represent your brand perfectly.

Have questions or need guidance?

Contact us and we'll provide expert advice. Choose our custom PVC cards to make a lasting impression in the European or even worldwide market.

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